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Night matches


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My local club held it's first of three night matches this year. We shot 4 no light/ low light stages. It is quite an eye opener for most of the shooter to the difficulty of shooting at night and the importance of having gear that runs. Clearing malfunctions and reloading with a flashlight in hand is unfamiliar to most but a very important skill.

Also don't try to load your flashlight into the gun. :unsure:

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Darkness attracts malfunctions. Figuring out how to manage the gun, a flashlight and a magazine and safely clear a malf! So nice if local LE has an idea what's going on so they don't come round and say WTF?? Hard to find a place around where I live that we can set up full size COF's for night time fun! Lucky you!

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redmanfixit, our range is in a rural residential area the borders West Fort Hood on one side and has a full blown residential neighborhood right across the street from the range. We did our night match from 6pm to 8pm and our Saturday morning IDPA from 8am to 11am. Our range owner calls the county Sheriff (a Republican) whenever we have a night match to alert him. The local State Trooper Sergeant lives a couple of blocks away and often attends the night matches. The only time some of the neighbors grumbled much was when we tried to have a 3-gun night match and the last 223 round was fired at midnight on a Wednesday. We don't do that anymore - Fridays only, but still we are blessed to be living in one of the freest States in the world - Texas that is.

p.s. I have the honor of trying to reload my Surefire. Zeb got it right and beat my butt.

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