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Dave Gundry

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Seriously - rather than spending MY tax dollars ruining MY car - how about you get off your keester and buy some decent [cough]SNOW[/cough] tires if you don't want to slide around. Or learn how to drive. Or not buy a car that weighs 4000 lbs.

On a related rant - there's a radio commercial in Wisconsin, by the DOT, starts out with the phrase "winter driving, it's just not normal" and goes on about driving safety during the winter months - ok, since when is WINTER driving NOT normal during WINTER in WISCONSIN! WTF!!!

Bottom line - if you don't want to learn how to drive when conditions aren't quite optimal - fine. But don't complain or ask anyone to spend ANY money to help you out.

Rather than just whine, I'll propose a solution for some folks - go find the local chapter of the Audi Club of North America and find some "winter driving clinics", tons of fun and you'll learn how to handle a car properly (and mischievously :D).

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