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RL-1050, 223, & Redding Comp Seater

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Here's the deal. I have an old RL-1050 that I'm using to load 55 gr 223 ammo. I want to use the Redding Competition Seating Die. I asked Dillon if that combo would work and the response was "I don't see any reason why not". Ok, so I order the die. Upon setting up the die, I can't seem to get the die body high enough and the seater low enough to seat the bullet deep enough. The top of the bullet catches on the bottom of the die and there is very little room for my fat fingers to set the tiny little bullet in place.

So my question is : Does anyone use a RL-1050 (not the bigger Super 1050) to load 223 with the Redding Comp Seater?

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