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XS Front Sight Height

Grandfather Glock

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I find it distracting to use a "center hold" sight picture up close and then have to transition to the tip of the dot past 15 yds. It could be me, but I find if I try the center hold at 25 yds, I'm a few inches high. Gun in question is a G17 with XS Big Dot plain sights. Theoretically, wouldn't the difference in POI actually be a few tenths of an inch (the radius of the dot)?

Does XS make different height front sights, or is the difference in the rear sights? Anyone know the height difference? Thanks.

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You'll find that most folks shooting USPSA and/or IDPA don't use XS sights on their pistols; in part due to what you have described. They are great for up close and personal, and I have several friends who put XS sights on a dedicated carry gun. But they don't really work well on USPSA COF where you could find yourself shooting at fairly small targets at distances past 20-30 yards.

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