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Looking for inexpensive blaster recipe


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I shoot Hornady 55gr SPs over BLC2 powder, with a Rem 6.5 primer in my 16" Colt HBAR - I get consistent MOA groups when benching this load. I use either LC or Rem brass.

It isn't the cheapest option (you can get FMJ for slightly cheaper), but I like the performance. I buy the bullets at www.grafs.com and buy the powder (in 8 lb jugs) and primers locally at Sportsmans Warehouse. The cost to load 1000 of them is $163 (not including brass - I have a lot).

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The Hodgdon/Winchester/IMR websight gave these two loads for 55's:

Bullet Weight (Gr.) Order BW Powder Bullet Diam. C.O.L. Grs. Vel. (ft/s) Pressure Grs. Vel. (ft/s) Pressure

55 GR. HDY FMJ 55 Titegroup .224" 2.200" 3.1 1064 4,000 CUP

55 GR. HDY FMJ 55 Clays .224" 2.200" 3.2 1060 3,700 CUP

3.1 grains @ 1064 fps !!!!! :rolleyes:

I'm going to load some up and see what's up. If they work the gun those would be kick ass IMGA loads. :goof:

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