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This particular dispatch was an interesting convergence of subjects. I imagine it would be of interest to a large portion of the beno-verse...


November 13, 2007

A Consumer Reports

Geared for Combat 2 of 2 : Digital Still Cameras

"The Canon Mark II is pretentious. It’s an arrogant female camera, always assuming right-of-way. A hundred lesser cameras can be in the room, snapping away their drivel, but when Pandora walks in, the room changes. Heisenberg must have shot with a Mark II.

Trying to explain much more about the Mark II 1Ds is fruitless because the pros need no explanation, and I am not expert enough to explain it to amateurs. I’ve not come even close to mastering the Mark II, although, I do know Pandora’s auto-focus buttons. If there is one part about her I know intimately, it’s her auto-focus.

There’s probably not many people who understand Pandora’s auto-focus as well. With guns, there is something called 'instinctive shooting.' Basically, after you have fired a train-load full of bullets out of a particular gun, you start to know the gun as an extension of your body. You know where the bullet will strike the moment you pull the trigger. Watching the bullet strike is for narcissists. Sure, sometimes you might miss, but only about as often as a properly addressed FedEx package completely misses its destination.

We are talking about instinctive shooting in relation to Pandora’s wonderful auto-focus. I took those lessons from instinctive shooting and practiced them on Pandora, and for once, she smiled, and nearly treated me as an equal. 'Nobody has ever handled me like that,' said Pandora, impressed after a long day of shooting in Afghanistan."

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