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Two Questions - Conversion and Limited Pro


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I am very close to purchasing a Witness but have a couple of questions before I take the plunge. A friend of mine has what I believe is the "Limited Pro" model. Looks almost identical to the limited but has a short dust cover, no magwell, wood grips and is blued instead of stainless. He picked this up in 40 cal from an online auction.

Since it is used for IDPA matches he converted it to a 9mm, no PF to worry about. To do this he only changed out the barrel from another Witness he had (and Magazines). Can this conversion method also be used with 38 Super model (barrel and mags)? From what I gather by looking at EAA's web sight you actually buy a complete upper slide to do a conversion.

After shooting his Witness I am sold on purchasing one but really want the same model he has. Problem is I can't find what he has anywhere. I see on another thread that these might not be available yet? Makes me wonder how my friend got one already :blink:

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Yeah, the Limited Pro is the "lighter" version of the Limited. For IDPA and even IPSC it's a good choice. You can just change out the barrel if you can get hold of one. I don't have the dimensions of the breechface at hand at the moment which would be the only concern about using a 9mm barrel in a 40 SW slide. Most likely it'll work just fine. Conversion kits available from EAA isn't the same as what you'll find on the PRO or LIMITED. It's slightly skinnier but still works. We're waiting on a lot of models from Italy and I don't know if they got any of the Limited Pro's.

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