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How to make a Sandisk Sansa Work on a Mac


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For those who aren't into the cult of iPod, here's how to make a Sansa work on the Mac:

Go here: http://daniel.haxx.se/sansa/mi4.html

Copy the BL and Mi4 files for the Sansa



From a windows machine (will not work on a mac until you downgrade the firmware), copy the two above files to the root directory on the sansa. Reboot the sansa. It will automatically "retrograde" the firmware. Select your Native language. Check the firmware rev in the settings panel. It should read 1.01.11A.

Never autoupdate the firmware on your Sansa again, b/c the above rev is the last rev where it worked on the Mac. I think Sandisk made a conscious decision to make it incompatible.

Then you're good to go! The Sansa isn't perfect, but it really has served me well. It'll be great to see how well it plays with iTunes. :)

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