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Internet Scammers who want Good Reviews


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Ever notice if you buy something on Amazon or E-bay, the seller hounds you to do the review thing to pump up his rating?

I found out why.... they want lot's of OK ratings to bury the bad ones.

I ordered an electric toothbrush from a seller on Amazon... after I paid, the final orde page came up and I noticed he had put for delivery:

"3 - 15 days"


Anyway, I wait... and wait... and wait.... and after 15 days I start sending emails asking what's up? NO ANSWER. Five emails.... no answer. So, I contact Amazon and they say it has to be three days after the final delivery day... so, three days later, Amazon finally starts to do something.

A week later, Amazon gets back to me and the seller is whining that it wasn't his fault, the item was "unavailable". So, he takes my money, doesn't bother to tell me it's unavailable, won't answer any of my e-mails... and then cops an attitude.

Well, I'll fix this guy: I write up the facts in his review.... next day, I check his profile to see if the review I wrote is there. It is..... buried three pages back under ten other reviews of "it arrived"... "wasn't broken".... "got what I ordered"..etc.

I went through a whole pile and found others who had been scammed like me.... but that's why they hound people to write the good ones (to bury the bad ones).

I jumped on Amazon and asked why they don't boot the guy and got a BS reply. He is still there selling.

If you get what you ordered... why should we give them kudos?

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