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Source For Zero Bullets?


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I found a new/old source for Zeros today. I was going through some old stuff that didn't get unpacked after I moved and found an old invoice for bullets. About two years ago I ordered some Zeros from MPS Company in NC and was happy with the price and service. Turns out they're still in business (since something like 1970 or so). The guy's name is David Mathews. He's got an old website price list that hasn't been updated, but you can call or e-mail and get the latest prices. I think bullets are a side business for him and body armor and police supply is primary. 704-847-8793 is the number I spoke to him on and it's on the bottom of the website, but hard to read.



I ordered .40 180gr JHPs from him today for $179 for 2K shipped. I was short on time and didn't get to ask about bulk pricing, but I wouldn't be suprised if he'll do something like that. Sad thing is the same bullets went for $66 per thousand the last time I ordered them...ugh.

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