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Ultimate Casefeeder How To!

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Next stary by taking apart your 550. Remove the tool head, and cartridge chute.


Remove the 4 bolts holding the press to the table. If this is the Dillon mounting set you can reuse it as it is the same set contained in teh strong mount mounting kit. The bolts I am pointing to are the longer bolts in my strong mount hardware kit, I will be reusing my old ones. The 2nd row is the shorter bolts. These will be used to attache the press to the 550. The other 3 will be used later to attach the cartridge shoot.


Get 2 of teh 4 shorties ready with washer and bolt to do the left side. Repeat with the right side. DO NOT TIGHTEN, finger tight will be good enough as we will be loosening them shortly.


The next step I was not able to take pics of since both my hands were being used to get the strong mount plates on the press. It is tricky but one person can do it alone.

Once the strong mount plate were mounted I tipped th epress on it's side to gain access through the rear to hand tighten. Hand tight will be good enough for the next step. Just make sure there is NO play in the plates. The must be attache dto the press very sturdy.


You can now list your press and put on your bench. I will be mounting mine as close to the edge as possible. While you are here you can pencil in the 4 holes you will need to drill out for mounting to your bench.


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