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Running A Great Match Into The Ground


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So I have been shooting IDPA for about a year now, and I am still classified ESP/MM even though I usually shoot on par with high SS shooters. (I know, I need to shoot another classifier)

So yesterday I was at a match, and there were only 13 shooters. I finished 5th overall, the scores were pretty close for the top 5 though. On the last stage, I screwed up bad, it was supposed to be tactical sequence, but the first couple of targets I double tapped. (tight groups -0 though! :) ) That got me two procedurals and cost me six seconds. If I had not screwed that up, and gotten at least the same time (I stopped to cuss myself after screwing up, and before finishing the stage) I would have gotten 2nd overall!

I need to pay more attention!

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