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Competition Electronics ProTimer BT and PAR time stages.

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Has anyone ran into issues using Protimer BT's while shooting par time stages? We shot CM09-09 this week and had one squad that had multiple issues with the timer picking up the last shot. The shots occurred ON the 5 second beep. I reached out to Competition Electronics customer service and they were SUPER receptive. They have emailed me back twice this morning alone already. They stated their firmware is currently set to have a 0.2 second "Dead" time where shots will not pick up if they occur during the beep. They're looking into updating the firmware to change this. When this happened the shot timer would only show the previous shot recorded so even though a shot occurred ON the beep at 5 seconds the timer would show 4.2, 4.4, etc.


My thoughts on this- If the dead time is 0.2 seconds which is according to Competition Electronics it shouldn't really matter? I personally saw someone go over 5.3 and a 5.36 registered so I tend to believe their customer service. In terms of scoring the classifier USPSA allows for a 0.3 overlap so it should still be possible to determine if a shooter went over or not and it really becomes an education issue for RO's? This particular squad had a handful of shooters reshoot the classifier because of this perceived issue. If this is the case it will be addressed in the next shooters meeting. I'm surprised this hasn't come up before? 

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