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Feeding issue with Springer base pads and the TSO


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Just got one new springer base pad to try with my TSO .40. Ive been using CZC base pads and grams FKCL-11 springs/followers with great reliability.




Took the CZC pad off one of the tubes, kept the grams spring in place, and used the springer pad. Twice in the first two mags fired i had failures for the magazine to fully engage the second round with the extractor. Was an odd failure.  Almost as if the spring was binding somewhere and not forcing the rounds upward enough? Couldnt quite tell. The mag was seated fully, and there were no problems seating it with my LOK brass magwell. All mags fully cleaned since last range trip. One note about the springer design though is that you have to consequentially bend your spring a bunch to get the base pad off, since it doesnt use the little internal spring endplate design like the CZC pads do.


Took it off, replaced with the same CZC base pad again, and no failures in the rest of my 200 rounds on the range trip. 


Anyone had issues running the springers? 

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