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Strike 1/a owners of type b owners any place to buy parts?

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I own a type b and I’ve broken 4 Sears between two of them in 8k rounds and double that dry fire. I also broke one ejector and one trigger housing. Not sure about the ejector but the sear and trigger housing seem to be weak points. The manufacture warranties everything but I’d like to have spares of things so I can keep shooting without breaks. I’m also considering just picking up a Glock as a back up. 

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13 hours ago, valerko said:

did you try dealers ? When I spoke to them at Shot show 2019 , guy said they have plenty of parts . I have original Strike one and although it's mostly show piece , I wanted to make sure I can get parts ,but I only ave make 2k thru mine 

I contact a salesman from archon. Who provides the warranty part. Every time I ask can I purchase an extra sear he basically explains that they don’t do that. So a few times he’s just sent me a replacement part and a few times I’ve had to send the gun in. It’s always fixed. I literally offer to buy the spare parts I’m not asking for freebies. 

This is for an archon type b but I know the sear from a strike 1 strike a would work. I found after market triggers but there all abroad. The one company I contacted said they color not ship to the us. I think it was related to a firearms import law. 

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