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Economy Brass: S&B Headstamp 9mm


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The batch of brass I just sorted had a great deal of S&B headstamp brass in it. I would expect this is once fired brass.


S&B brass is not ideal for use with bullets heavier than 124gr. The longer bullets produce case gauge failures due to the interior dimensions of the case wall. Primer pocket swaging is preferred as the primer pockets are tighter than some.  


If you are loading on a 1050 or 1100 and looking for some less expensive but matching headstamp brass, this could be a good deal for you.


If you are on a 550, 650, or 750, I would recommend purchasing full processed so that the primer pockets are swaged for you.


Prices are as follows:


  • Cleaned, sorted, and rollsized (unpolished): $160 per 5K shipped
    • Polished: +$20 per box
    • Fully Processed: +$65 per box
    • 2 or more boxes: $10 discount per box


I expect to have 4-5 boxes available. Please message me if you are interested.



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