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Debur back edge of trigger


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I recently picked up a New Vaquero and noticed that one of the two back edges of the trigger is much sharper than the other. It kinda seems like the edge didn't get deburred. It obviously doesn't impact operation and it isn't in a position where I would cut myself on it, it's just that now that I know about, I can't seem to leave it alone. Any thoughts about the best way to "break the edge" as one would say in woodworking?

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I use a ScotchBrite wheel for things like that. The back edge of S&W triggers can be sharp, too. I once cut my trigger finger when going for a draw, and the end of the finger hit on and slid down the back edge of the trigger, cutting it open. It hurt some, but worse was the bloody, sticky mess it created, just as I was starting a stage. All my triggers are now dull on the back edge.

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