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More new products you didn't know that you needed


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Don't forget code benos10 gives you 10% off and shipping is free over $49. If you sign up for the mailing list on the website, you'll get emails more frequently than I post on here (1-2 per month depending on what's new).


I'm also pleased to announce that I've completely ditched PayPal as a payment platform and now are using both a 2A friendly local bank as well as an online payment processor.



Dillon 1050/1100 Toolhead Stand

With yet another price increase from Dillon to nearly $60, I decided to throw my hat into the ring. Same form and function as Dillon's but at about 1/4 of the cost. You can also mount it to your bench if you'd like using the 4 screw holes. Don't let the 3D print fool you, this thing is ridiculously strong.



Hornady Lock-N-Load Bushing/Die Rack

I was tired of having a random drawer full of dies with bushings on them and it was a chore to keep things organized. A quick and easy solution to getting your bench organized.



Shell Sorter Wall Rack

Yes, I know that a pair of nails or pegboard will do but I wanted something a little more proper and a lot easier to keep uniform spacing and level than driving nails or screws. Holds all 3 of the baskets as well as the 380 plate insert. 



Caliper Wall Mount Rack

Tired of losing your caliper on the bench or in a drawer? Yes, I still use the $19 ones from Hazard Harbor Freight/Amazon but storing it on the wall and remembering to put it back when I'm done has made the last one survive longer than a year (either I'd lose it or bend it).



Dillon Primer Tube Wall Racks (and RCBS too)

Throw away the coffee cans because these will change your life. The Dillon holds primer tubes as well as the magazine tubes for your press. I normally leave full tubes with the cotter-pin up and empties with the pickup end upwards. RCBS holds it's primer tube, cotter-pin up. They're the same item, just different colors.




Shotshell Wall Rack

This was the result of a snowy day and nothing else to do. I thought "what if" and a few hours later I had the working prototype. Holds 12ga shells and they won't fall out even if mounted horizontally.



Dillon 550 Toolhead Wall Rack

There's a lot of guys printing this one and selling it since it's a Creative Commons file from Thingiverse. What others are not telling you is that it's a Creative Commons file from Thingiverse (that's illegal). The author's license allows me to print it and offer for sale when proper attribution is given so I'm offering this one at a discount over what I normally would if it were my own design. 


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