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VP9-B - Mag release "fell out" during live fire


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I've had my VP9-B for a couple of months, and it's only seen light range use, until yesterday.


Brought the VP9-B and its Longshadow holster to the range to start working on some IDPA style drills.  The pistol was running great until it wasn't. 

While trying to insert a mag I was met with a very odd crunchy feeling.  Removed the mag and it was followed by the plate/mechanism that is supposed to hold the mag release in place.

Of course with that piece out, the mag release/button slid right out.    Ok, range trip over! Came home to research what the heck just happened.


I can't find any online chatter about it.  I did find a YouTube video from an HK'er that describes how to reverse the magazine release. Following that, I should be able to re-insert the mechanism. 

My first try didn't go as smoothly as the pro-staffers (probably edited) demonstration.  I'll try again later with fresh eyes and less frustration.



Has anyone else experienced this? 


Has it happened to the same pistol more than once? 





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