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Polymer 80 trigger won't release


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I just completed a large frame Poly 80 and I'm having an issue with the firing mechanism.  I've built three compct models and all went together with no problems and work great.  Well, they cycle and dry fire, still waiting for some decent weather to actully shoot them.  


Here's the problem.  When you cycle the slide, the trigger goes forward like it should.  But when you pull the trigger, nothing happens.  If you pull it slowly, you can feel the striker pressure against it.  But it won't fire and when you release the trigger it goes forward again.


It seems like either the trigger bar isn't going back far enough to drop or it's just not dropping.  With the slide off, it works.  Pull the trigger, the bar drops.  Then you push on the disconnector, it pops back up.  Push the trigger forward and it's ready to work again.


All the parts are from LoneWolf.  I got the slide, barrel, recoil spring, upper and lower parts kits all from them when I ordered the frame.  


In the compct models, I used Swenson slide and barrel and all Glock small parts.  No problems.  Are there any known issues with any of these LoneWolf parts?  


Any suggestions?




I forgot to mention before that you need to take the striker out of the slide to get the slide off.  


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Can't say with 100% certainty, but my initial thought would be that the clearance is such that the striker is sitting too close to the trigger assembly.
Bending the contact area of the cruciform down would probably fix that if that were the case...
Others with more experience than me might know of other solutions though.

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I think I found the problem.  I took it apart and found that the rear rail assembly was bent on one side.  It's a lot narrower than on the smaller frame and it must have bent when I pounded the rear pin in.  I straightened it out and the trigger almost works now, but not quite right.  Now, if I can just get a new rail...

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