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RF 100 Large Primer Issues

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I have used the RF100 with much success with SPP's and Winchester LPP's but for the life of me I cannot get Federal LPP's to work. A few will go down the tube but not with consistency. It's almost as if the Federal primers are a shade too large or maybe slightly out of round. I've done all the tricks as I've done all the tricks in the past to get the primer filler to work correctly. I guess my question is has anyone else had similar issues with Federal Large Pistol Primers? I've had to go back to loading primer tubes by hand. 

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I use CCI exclusively and have no issues...unless I screw something up! Other primers I have used never seem to be as consistent so I go with what works for me! That said, have you mic 'd the primers to check for deformation/out of round and height? Also ensure that the plastic feed guide on the RF has proper clearance? (.010" from screw base to platform)


Good luck.



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I've got some CCI primers coming. I used Winchester LPP with no issue either but I had these Fed primers and wanted to get them used up. I"ll mike them to see but I guess Federal LPP are a no go in the RF100. In SPP, CCIs definitely work better as well. Thanks Dick.

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