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2019 MAMGC Invictus Practical Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship

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Registration is now open for the 2019 Invictus Practical Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship in York PA, on June 8th and 9th.

This match is unique in the world of major outlaw 3 gun matches in several respects;


1. You can shoot the whole match in one day.  7 stages 210 rounds +/-

2. Prizes are all checks.  This means you don't have to stick around for a prize table.  If you shoot on Saturday you can go home Saturday night.

3. The prizes are generous.  We pay out 50% of the gross.  That is a lot of money.  Over $12,000 last year.

4. We give prizes way down the list in Tac Ops.  By using a modified Lewis class payout scheme if you pick your class correctly and shoot to the best of your ability you have a chance to win hundreds of dollars even if you are way towards the bottom.

5. We're about as far north and east as any major 3 gun.  Only Topton's team 3 gun is farther north or east, and it's a great match but it's not for individuals.  That's why we draw a lot of shooters from the Mid-Atlantic states, the northeast and Canada on a regular basis.

6. We keep our squads to a reasonable size and there's not a lot of standing around.  We run our matches much more like USPSA than 3GN or typical outlaw matches.


This 7 stage match will fill up quickly.  Do not hesitate to sign up if you want your choice of days.


Lunch is included for all shooters.  Additional food and drinks are available for purchase. Shooters registered before 4/1/18 get a moisture wicking t-shirt included in their entry fee.


Here's the link to registration: https://www.practiscore.com/2019-invictus-practical-mid-atlantic-multi-gun-championship/register


Paul Nowotarski

Match Director

2019 Invictus Practical MAMGC

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