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  1. This match has always been a great match to shoot. Well run, challenging stages, great RO'S. Highly recommend.
  2. Out of battery detonation has caused the extractor issues in the past on 2 of my 15-22. Both were sent back to S&W for repair.
  3. It looks like it was more than a lack of staff. Practiscore had about 50 total shooters registered. Low shooter numbers and not enough staff will kill any match.
  4. Many have worked at FN 3 Gun for years. This was year 5 for me and my roommate. I feel this makes a big difference in the skill level and professionalism in running shooters through. I agree that few would want to spend another week there.
  5. Most of FNH 3Gun RO'S are from out of state. I was there the week from NH others came from all over, some from Canada!
  6. Right now there are 7 signed up for OLHOT and 42 for ST. I got the request for staff and it is interesting they are not staffed at this point.
  7. From the Match Booklet; Estimated round count. Plan to bring extra as you will have options. Pistol: 200 Rifle: 150. Approximately ten targets at 200-400 yards. Shotgun: 125 bird shot and 10 slug
  8. Just fixed the links for stages 4 & 6. Thanks to everyone who notified me. You may need to "refresh" the page first.Linda Chico Sent from my T1-A22L using Tapatalk Thanks, got them.
  9. Match stages are posted, but keep getting error trying to open stage 4 and 6. http://www.lchico5u.com/FNH3G.html
  10. I just ordered a Burris FFIII to go on my M&P CORE 9MM Pro. Didn't want to spend $500.00 or more on a dot just starting out in this new division. Will see how it holds up. I was concerned about warranty on some other brands.
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