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JJ Racaza Two Day Pistol Course
Location  Richmond Rod & Gun Club near San Francicso on May 21 & 22, tuition is $660
 Class Size: maximum of 10 students + 1 complimentary host spot (so 11 students total)
How to Register: email bogienugget@gmail.com for class reservations and a Reg form
Course Topic:
In this two day course you will learn:
1. trigger control
2. visual patience
3. transitions
4. body positioning
5. movement
6. mindset
7. stimulus vs. response
8. speed
9. accuracy
10. drills to target specific skills
Basic shooting knowledge and range experience.  Shooting experience of at least one year.  Understanding of gun safety and range rules.  You must supply your own handgun.  Ammo requirements are approximately 500 rounds per day, for a total of 1,000 rounds.  
Please bring the following to the course:
1. Firearm
2. 1,000 rounds minimum of ammo
3. Proper clothing for the weather
4. Snacks and plenty of water
5. Eye and ear protection
6. Belt, weapon, magazine holster
Please let me know if there are any additional questions that I did not address
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