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Found 5 results

  1. I recently was invited to a USPSA shoot by a friend who wanted to start also. We both currently shoot competitively, but not through any of the sanctioned organizations. Almost everyone in our club is fairly new to the sport. Almost everyone has a Class of "U". My class is listed as G... I did poorly on my first shoot (17 out of 30) but last night i placed 5th overall, and had a successful shoot i was told by the RO at our club. I am confused on the class determinations as i am the only one in our group with a G.
  2. JJ Racaza Two Day Pistol Course Location Richmond Rod & Gun Club near San Francicso on May 21 & 22, tuition is $660 Class Size: maximum of 10 students + 1 complimentary host spot (so 11 students total) How to Register: email bogienugget@gmail.com for class reservations and a Reg form Course Topic: In this two day course you will learn: 1. trigger control 2. visual patience 3. transitions 4. body positioning 5. movement 6. mindset 7. stimulus vs. response 8. speed 9. accuracy 10. drills to target specific skills Prerequisites: Basic shooting knowledge and range experience. Shooting experience of at least one year. Understanding of gun safety and range rules. You must supply your own handgun. Ammo requirements are approximately 500 rounds per day, for a total of 1,000 rounds. Please bring the following to the course: 1. Firearm 2. 1,000 rounds minimum of ammo 3. Proper clothing for the weather 4. Snacks and plenty of water 5. Eye and ear protection 6. Belt, weapon, magazine holster Please let me know if there are any additional questions that I did not address
  3. Ok so I've signed up for TPC's Competition Handgun Mastery course this weekend and, given the cost, I want to make sure I get the most out of it. Could anyone who's taken this course or similar fill me in on what they wish they had done to be better prepared? The plan is to use my open set up, but would I be better served to shoot iron sights for some reason? I've picked up some initial tips from their videos, and will be doing plenty of dry firing and stance stuff with them in mind. What else can I do to make sure I hit the ground running?
  4. Instructor: Steve Anderson Class Size: 8-9 Competetors When: 15-16 JAN 2016 (Friday/Saturday MLK weekend) Where: East Alabama Gun Club 200 Highway 169 South Phenix City, Alabama 36869 (40 minute drive from Fort Benning, GA) www.eastalabambagunclub.com If you're interested, contact: charlescashcraft@gmail.com Payment: Link will be posted when avalable
  5. Hi all, I have an interesting question (I think...) I normally shoot GLOCK, but I have a romantic attraction to the 1911 that I'm sure many of us have felt at some point. Recently I acquired a Springfield Armory TRP Operator with a Bull Barrel and full-length guide rod. My problem is that although I am a GLOCK Certified Armorer (that's not saying much) I have never known anything but the striker-fired, plastic anti-1911. I plan on getting another 1911 (not yet determined) to shoot USPSA Single Stack with, and I will also be using the Operator in L-10 occasionally at a local match. But like I said, Ive never dealt with a gun that had a hammer before. I'm not completely in the dark but need to learn about the 1911 platform in general. I'd like to have a healthy education from years of experience but I'd also like to get as much of a head start by reading first. Can anyone recommend a good book(s), DVD(s), or YouTube video(s)? I have looked around myself and found some of the "1911 Build" videos to be a little useful but not too much. Thanks guys.
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