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iDryfire or LASR


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I tried searching and didn't find anything on either of these.  Has anyone used one or the other?  I like the flexibility of the scoring zones on LASR, but like the price of the iDryfire, lol.  Anyone have any experience with these??  Thanks in advance!!

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I had a hell of a hard time setting up my iDryFire camera. Lots of software issues and not much support. Once I did get it working, I found the software and camera resolution to be too clunky to be of much use. 

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I have the LASR system with a red laser.  My STRONG suggestion would be to pop the extra dough and get the IR laser and camera.  Else you may wind up looking at the target for the pretty red dot and not the sights. 


With that one exception, I do like the system.  But not for  all DF, just for simulating live fire which should be a portion of the DF system used. Just my opinion.

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