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Vectan BA9.5 and 147gr xtreme


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I found some BA9.5 in stock, at a really good price,  so I figured I'd give it a try.  Most say it is equivalent to VV N320, and that seems about right.  3.5gr under Xtreme 147gr round nose, using mixed range brass and WSP's loaded to 1.152 yielded the following 7 shot string

1 928 fps

2 930 fps

3 924 fps

4 939 fps

5 936 fps

6 909 fps

7 914 fps

Avg 926 fps (136pf)

low 909 fps (133pf)

high 939 (138pf)

ES 29.30

SD 11

Gun is a Gen 3 G34, stock except for Dawson sights, stainless guide rod, and 13 lb. ismi spring.

My previous go to load was 3.2gr of titegroup with a coal of 1.162, and I shot about 30 of each today, in a completely unscientific test session.  I couldn't really tell a difference in recoil between the two, and accuracy with either is limited by me to about 2.5 inch 15 yd off hand rapid-ish fire groups.  The BA9.5 did seem a bit tighter, but nothing earth shattering. 

One notable observation was that the BA 9.5 brass was much cleaner, both inside and out, than the TG, which is probably a good thing. Powder also meters as well as TG out of my lee autodrum, and doesn't seem to need the 'settling' time I've heard about with Prima V.  And unlike TG, a double charge of this is easy to see...more like hard to miss

Next step is to run them in the local weekly steel match, and see if anything else noteworthy happens, but I think I like it.




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4 hours ago, 57K said:

The Extreme spread of 30 looks promising, did you record standard deviation? If your chrono doesn't do that, there are calculators online that will. From what I've been hearing, Ba 9 1/2 may actually be just a tad slower burning, but it and N320 share the same load data.

Went back and added ES and SD to original post,,,my chrono did report, I just forgot to add it.


Toby J

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