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Help with FTF in 10mm's

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I'd appreciate some help on figuring out how to solve this problem.

I took a Witness Elite Match & steel frame Compact to the range the other day. Both are in 10mm & have Hennings cone fit guide rods as well as a Wolf's 22# recoil spring in the Compact & a 20# spring in the Elite Match, along with Wolff's extra power firing pin springs in each. Otherwise they're stock. The mags have the Grand Power extended base pads with Grams spring & follower kits - except for the flush fitting Compact mag, which is stock. All the mags used seem to be Sabatti (the old style with the red follower), however aside from the compact mag I have ran the other two flawlessly through the Elite Match. I do have a few K10's from Mec-Gar but they just weren't up in the rotation, & I have noticed than when fully loaded they don't drop free of the pistols, & I didn't think to try them out. The ammo was handloaded, using 180 GS JHP's loaded to around 1235 fps (though it was below freezing when I chrono'ed them so it may be pushing closer to 1300 fps in the heat) COAL is 1.250".

The malfunctions were mainly of the FTF variety, with the slide stuck open right as it began to push the cartridge out of the magazine, although retracting the slide slightly & letting go would usually chamber the cartridge. There was one ftf where the cartridge nose hung up hard on the feed ramp & I had to drop the mag to clear it. There was also one FTF where the slide rode over the cartridge completely & closed on an empty chamber. It didn't happen as often towards the end of each magazine, but it wasn't completely eliminated when it got down to a few cartridges either. I'm also experiencing primer wipe and brass is landing 10'+ away.

So any advice on how to get these pistols to run?

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