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Help of a different type trying to find a recoil spring


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I recently purchased a Grand Power 9mm and the red spring it comes with is a bit heavy I think.

They don't really rate the springs other than blue, black and red instead of lb weights. My 4.25" model also seems to be a one spring only unit right now as well. I'm trying to cross a CZ or EAA spring over to work in it.

I checked my 4.75" spring and it measures 5.275" L x .375" O.D. and .288" I.D. This is used on the 4.2" EAA guide rod.

The Grand Power's guide rod measures 3.25" length and uses a 3.905" L x .411 O.D. and .250" I.D. spring. I'm wondering if maybe the EAA spring that fits the 3.8" guide rod might work?? I'm not familiar with what in the CZ line might come close, but know people here have knowledge on them. Thanks for any help!

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