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Kahr TP9 Gen 2

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Anybody tried the new Gen-II Kahrs that came out this year? Looks like they're making what equates to full size Production, Limited, and Open offerings with everything from tall target sights, to tuned triggers, to ported barrels, to optics-ready or factory red-dotted slides. I'm not much interested in the "open" variety (think M&P C.O.R.E. with a Deltapoint), but the full-size TP9 with the tall sights looks to be an interesting option. There's not much on the web about these new TP9's, but from what I can tell they run a single-stack mag, which knocks it out of contention for open, but would be ok for SS, Prod, or L10. I was actually thinking about trying one for Bianchi competition. I've carried Kahr's for a while and they are reliable and accurate guns. Of course, I'd be real tempted to try one if I could get Kahr/Auto-Ordnance to foot the bill for me to shoot one in competition. :blush:

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