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  1. Built my Stock 1 over a year ago Titan Hammer ,BOLO, exrteme trigger ,1piece sear cage .Tunned the BOLO for S.A. pull and quit. This winter started haveing light strikes in D.A. only.cock the hammer and it goes bang. So i decided to follow this thread and tune the BOLO for longer D.A. hammer travel. Ground down the hump ,check travel , repeat. Now the hammer comes back to and falls to half cock. repeated pulls wont get it off of half cock . W.T.F. No one else has posted this problem . Anyone got any ideas ?
  2. Try VPS holsters .His stuff is top notch and he is quick turnaround.
  3. Char-Le we did thee same thing at Free State this year ,first squad thru we split in half .The RM watched the progress and after that we had one squad for each stage. In my opinion it worked better squad on each stage even though we were sharing a bay. Ron
  4. I try to clean my two( Limited 40 and Limited Pro 40 ) annually . oil every use .But i treated them with Seal 1 when they were new..
  5. Stopped by the booth but missed you . Was the show good for you ?
  6. Thanks Everyone ,all great sugestions. Anyone carry a Mag gauge ??
  7. Great info Guys , Thanks . Keep em coming !!
  8. So what do all you experienced R.O's carry in your "work" bags ?? Thanks in advance Ron
  9. Ray, the guys over in Topeka have a very active IDPA club . WWW.capitalcitygunclub/idpa Ron
  10. I dropped off a customers SS 9 MM at their Payrump facility 2 years ago for a new slide stop. They have three gunsmith stations in the repair / warranty facility .4-6 weeks was what they were quoting then.
  11. ya spend hours reading posts on this site , all the time remembering the old adage : It's better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt!
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