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US Supreme Court Assault Weapons Ban Case/Illinois


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I just read that the US Supreme Court could by as early as Tuesday hear a case filed by theIllinois State Rifle Association against a law passed by Highland Park Illinois in 2013

commonly called the Assault Weapons Ban. In HP the law passed bans the sale, purchase or

possession of semi-auto Handguns with magazines that contain more than 10 rounds.

It also bans the sale, purchase or possession of certain Rifles including AR and AK


If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case it could be good news for gun owners,

especially if it was overturned or even modified.

However, if they decide not to hear the case it could be bad news as other states and

communities are considering passing laws similar to Highland Park.

There are other states that are against the Highland Park law. Not sure what we can

do, other than contact the Illinois State Rifle Association and ask what we as gun

owners can do to help.

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