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6 shot to 8 shot revolvers for IPSC


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I was wondering if you can use the 8 shot revolvers in open IPSC division (compensator and red dot) and fire all the rounds not just 6 as before you have to reload as what is stated in the revolver division? I know wheel guns are looked down upon but I do like the S&W revolvers, I own the 686 model (6 shot) and I am very happy with it even though I have not used it in IPSC or Steel challenge as I do own a 38 super Tanfoglio. Are you allowed to use a revolver in the open division and shoot all 8 rounds if you had the 8 shot pistol without reloading after only firing 6?

Under the division list which shows: No limit on cylinder capacity. A maximum of 6 rounds to be fired before reloading. Violations will incur one procedural penalty for each shot in excess of 6 rounds actually fired before reloading.

I believe this means you can only fire a maximum of 6 rounds only not 8 then reload?? Or can you fire 4 rounds then 4 more then reload?


Mark :devil: :devil:

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