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FO front sight and Grips for elite match 45?

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Well I do love my Elite Match, with the exception of the very wide front sight. I have looked at Dawson, and the price is right, but I can't tell which size I should order. I want a POI/POA sight picture, and thinner post than the OOB sights.

I have also seen/read stuff on youtube about the location of the front sight detent being in different places on different sights. I would dramatically prefer to not have to drill another detent. Ordering parts for these guns is not like ordering parts for my glocks, lol. I just came across Dawson's option, is there a better one out there? I know henning has a good rep but with all these tanfoglio stuff, it is just hard for a noob to tell what to order.

Same goes for the grips. I thought I had found some grips I wanted to order from Hogue for around 60 bones, but they finally responded to one of my emails and said it would not fit the large frame 45 match. Where is a good place to get Elite Match 45 grips without breaking the bank? it's not that the stock ones are terrible, but it would be nice if there was a thinner option. That looked cool. yeah.


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