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CZ 75 custom shadow & Glock 34 Bayou 147 9mm combo load?


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I've been reloading for a few months now for my Glock 34 gen4 kkm barrel.

Bayou 147gr

TG 3.0

OAL 1.145

I've been making power factor close to 135 or less

I'm now wanting to reload for my CZ 75 custom shadow 9mm but would rather find a reload setting which will work for both. If adjusting anything, I would rather just adjust the amount of powder and not the bullet or OAL. I did a plunk test of the G34 rounds into the CZ barrel and it looks to long. Im planning on adjusting the OAL 1.130 and see if that will drop in the barrel. And if so, try some loads at TG 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, then chrono and test for accuracy in the CZ and G34. Once I settle on the amount of powder, then run a lot of firing tests with the CZ to make sure they feed ok. The G34 shouldn't have any feeding problems.

Anybody go down this road already and if so, do you think my plan is a good one?

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