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Flasher Questions

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I'm going to install my club's repaired flasher targets. This will be a semi-permanent installation. The locations are up in the face of hills where the targets have to be hand carried about 40-70 yards. I can't just drive up to the final location. I don't know if some of them they are MGM or if they are home made.

The flasher portion has a rod/rebar with a screw at the end. There's no bracket at the end. The flashers are thin metal sheets. I've noticed in the past that the cards would twist and misalign. I can redrill the holes on the cards and maybe make some type of bracket. Is there a trick/tips so the cards won't twist? Is there a better material to use for the cards?

Also the legs are currently black. Is there any advantage if I painted them brown to match the dirt?

There's no collars at the end on two of them. Is there any tips to ensure that they don't fall down and disassemble with hits?


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