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2 new MecGar mags not falling out ot my Stock II


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I bought 6 of the Mec Gar 17 round 9mm mags for my Stock II. The second time out they will not drop out of the gun without a round in left in them. When I seat the mags that don't fall the click that it is suppose to make is not as prominent as my mags that fall free. There is no visable difference in the mags that work and the mags that don't work.

Any suggestions?

Could this be from doing mag changes with no dummy rounds in them?

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Check to see if the follower is getting hung up on the slide stop. I had that problem but I remedied it by converting them to 140 mags

Winner winner chicken dinner! I put the guts of a working mag in a tube that did not drop before and it worked fine. I examined the follower of the bad mag and you can see the edge of the surface that contacts the slide release is rounded over. So my guess is it is getting wedged against the slide stop.

So is this a misshaped slide stop or just a bad follower?

CleverUsername, what followers did you go to to correct your problem?


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