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Resizing 243wssm ammo

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I bought a 243WSSM (shoots awesome!) and along with the purchase, 5 boxes of reloads came with it. Three worked just fine. The other two won't chamber. I believe I found the problem. He was using RCBS dies (came with the purchase) and probably didn't notice the sizing die was cracked. RCBS replaced the die and all is well with my reloads.

My question is this:

Can I resize the loaded ammo after removing the decapping pin using the RCBS dies?

I also bought a Redding body die due to the difficulty in reloading. (really hard brass). Would that be better to use?

Ultimately, is this safe or do I need to separate all the components and start over?


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I don't think that is possible. Remember that a bottleneck sizing die will have to draw a sizer back through the case mouth to get it the correct diameter to accept the bullet. Just yanking the decapper will probably squish your necks too much.

RCBS also makes a nice collet bullet pupper.

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