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Space City Cancellation Clarified

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After receiving many reports of concerns, I feel it is necessary to attempt to clarify the cancellation announcement made yesterday. The Section Match for the Texas South Section of USPSA is called “The Space City Challenge.” This is the match that has been cancelled until further notice. There is a match that is scheduled to take place on April, 4, 2015 that uses the name “Space City,” but it is NOT the Section match for the Texas South Section. This match is NOT the match that is the subject of the cancellation notice. I understand that the match organizers have chosen to use the same logo that was used for the 2014 Space City Challenge as well as the logo for the Texas South Section; however, this match is NOT the Section Match. Finally, I understand that a match organizer has offered to issue refunds to those shooters who registered for the April 4, 2015 match thinking that it was the Section Match for the Texas South Section. I hope this clarifies the confusion caused by using the name “Space City.” Please remember to be safe, and have fun.

Thank you,
Danny R. Garza, Section Coordinator
USPSA Texas South Section
USPSA #A75480
14819 Mesita Drive
Houston, TX 77083
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