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The guns in Payday 2

Rob D

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Me and some friends started playing a new co-op video game last fall and I've been amazing at the awesome gun play in the game. Not only is there a huge selection of guns, but you can customize them with all kinds of add on parts. Best of all, THEY PICKED AWESOME GUNS. They either had some competitive shooters giving them advice or they had someone close to the industry. There's even a compensator in the game call the IPSC Compensator. I've posted a few screenshots below. Here's to video games getting guns right for once.

DISCLAIMER: This is a video game where you play a bank robber. If you're offended by that kind of thing, it's probably not a game you want to play, but you can still appreciate the fact that the game designers have good taste in guns.




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Nice! I wish i had the time for games.

I bought a PS3 when they came out and like 4 games. I started my MBA the next week, then got married, then had two kids.....

I have not yet played one game on it besides guitar hero when we had friends over once...

Last shooting game I played was Bond on N64. Awesome game for its time! 4 player battles on a 60" were a blast!

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