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Final straw yesterday afternoon. Went for an Ice-cream at a local Italian restaurant and ordered a bottle of water. The waiters brings Italian spring water (first f@#$king piss-off. Why do we need imported water! Please do not support local products!!!!!!!! A$$holes....Yes I told them....). Anyway, I read the label since I'm a bit curious. The label is printed in Italian, Spanish, German, English and another language I can't remember. The spelling and grammar mistakes in both English and German were so astronomical that I needed to read both languages to figure out what they want to say, which neither of the two said.

This is not meant to dump on Italy, but if any bl*&dy country wants to export anything the first thing they should do is get the F$#@king language right. Just because we started to accept eastern manuals with eastern products does not make it OK for the rest of the world to show us what Idiots they are.

Have seen this on German products (English label), American products (English and German labels), RSA product, etc.....

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you probably missed the following posts:





BTW, what did you expect to find in an Italian restaurant? Chinese water? :P

Next time you need to read italian, gimme a call, I'll join you for dinner and will gladly translate for you... :D

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