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New G34


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I just recieved my new G34 this weekend and the following is just a quick review so far.

1. The G34 fits a feels better in my hand than my previous G22.

2. I placed antiskid bath tub tape on the grip, under the trigger guard and on the side of the frame where my thumb normally rest and know I can hold this gun better than I can my P16-40.

3. Using the factory adjustable sights was able to shoot 2inch groups free hand at 15 yards using lead bullets in the factory barrel.

4. And to my amazement, this gun feels better and the sights line up so much quicker and easier than my P16-40 and other 1911's.

5. I can shoot it just as quickly as my 1911(without any trigger freeze) and pick up targets quicker.

Overall, I am very impressed with the gun and am serious considering going straight production class this year.

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