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  1. I have a new one in the box. Its the triangle dot. $300 shipped if you are interested.




  2. Get this: https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/MrBulletFeeder-by-DAA-Powder-Funnel-for-Pistol-P2708.aspx It flares more of the mid area of the brass, and not over flares the mouth. Fix the lead shavings.
  3. Hello everyone, The 2017 PTAC and Jabs Extreme Steel Target Challenge registration opens 12-15-16 at 8:00 AM. I hope everyone plans on coming back this year. I'm trying to go all out this year and make it bigger and better than last year. The match will be held at Dothan Gun Club on May 27-28 2017. This year PCC will be added to the match as a trophy and cash payout only match. The prize tables will be for Pistol divisions only. Registration is on matchsignup.org. You will need to register 1 time for each division you want to shoot. After you register you will get an Email from me with a registration form that will need to be filled out and sent back to me with your payment in check or money order. After I receive that I will approve you and you will in the match and ready to go. I have attached more match info or it's on Jabs Extreme Steel Targets facebook page. If you are interested in ROing the match please email me seperate from this email and I'll send you info on that. Thanks and hope to see you all soon. Jeremy Brannon
  4. It's majority knock down steel. You don't knock it down, you don't score . No Chrono last year.
  5. I run the KKM barrel in my MPs. Not so great success with moly/Bayou 147s. Montana gold 147, 1 on top another on 1" paster at 15 yds. Tony
  6. Race Holster like Safariland 013 or 014 Legal? Thanks, Tony
  7. Race holsters like Safariland 013 or 014 is legal? Tony.
  8. Some simple parts to replace: Lone Wolf 3.5 Connector, 4lb striker spring, reduce plunger spring, Xtra power trigger spring, 14lb recoil spring. Most parts are Wolff springs. Also polish evrything with Flitz and dremel polishing wheel. If its a GEN 4, you gonna ave to do some filing on the trigger bar.
  9. Try Masa Sushi at 977 E Nasa Rd 1. There another location on IH 45 South of Nasa. Depend on where your hotel is at. We eat here bout ounce a week while at work.
  10. Cliff,

    Probably not. Will be gettin ready for Gator match. Too much switch around for me.



  11. Gonna get me some rubber boots & duct tape. Hope you guys have dunk buckets for moonclips (when & if I find them )
  12. Does the range drain well? Do I need to stop by Walmart to get knee high rubber boots & snorkle?
  13. Hop, Just made my flight reservation for your match. Entry will be on the way.
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