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The glock striker


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IIRC, from the time I played with a G27, the striker has that strangely shaped pin tip and, behind it, a cylindrical body: this should contact with the opposite side of the breechface (the one internal to the slide), thus stopping the forward motion of the striker.


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You are both right:

When a round is chambered, it's the primer that stops the firing pin.

When no round is chambered, the pin is stopped as Luca said.

You can find out easily by disassembling the gun and try moving the firing pin manually.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I'm thinking of going the glock-route for production. And since I'm dry firing more than live firing, I was hoping the breech rear-end wasn't the "stopping point" of the striker.

I've personally seen two broken breech faces, both glocks dry fired a lot (without snap caps anyway). And since warranty work for glocks back here is non-existent, we're pretty much screwed. :(

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