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Benos trigger


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If things go "the right way", I could be buying a SVI in the upcoming months, and a question arose.

What's the benefit or the idea behing the Benos triggers? I'd like to know for both the straigh lower portion, curved upper and the straight upper, curved lower.

As a matter of fact, what differences (not aesthetical, I mean performance wise) are between this type of triggers and the flat ones and the regular classic curved ones?

I know this is personal preference, but I'm interested in the idea behind their design.

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The following opinion may be flawed, but is based upon what I believe to be accurate information:

As originally designed by Brian, the trigger was supposed to help keep the trigger finger near the bottom of the trigger guard and not have the trigger finger pushing on the frame as one tried to maintain a high grip. The folks at SVI thought it looked cool and made one to go the opposite way. <_<

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