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IPSC fan Dog or random theif???


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OK, so I am on my way to practice yesterday (Sunday), I stop off to grab lunch at this little cafe.

I don't have my car here yet, so I have to take taxi's everywhere, very normal in Santa Cruz. Anyway, I am sitting there out front of the restaraunt, and I take my hard won "Burner" hat off and set it on my bag.

I am enjoying the eye candy strolling by, when I see this very out of place pale blonde walking THREE dogs, sans leashed. She really just kind of hearding them. Big dogs, a St. Bernard, a big bull of some sort and a big fluffy golden.

She smiles at me, I'm felling pretty cool, the dogs wander closer, they seem friendly, I give the golden my best "howdy fellah" and he makes a bee line for me. I'm thinking he wants to get petted, or steal my chicken sandwich. Nope. He does not even hesitate, he strolls right up, casual as you please and grabs my Burner hat, and starts to walk off!!!

I saved it, but who trained that dog?

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