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I placed an order last week (I think it was like Fri or Sat night) on Dawson's web page. I placed the order for a 9mm aftec extractor and extra springs. I ordered it second day air as I needed it for the following week's shoot. Anyway, I didn't think anything of it till about Weds when I noticed the parts hadn't gotten here yet. So I called Dawson on Weds morning sometime and asked about my order. She said that they had received it but that the part was on backorder. I mentioned that since it was on backorder, not to send it 2nd day and to ship it regular ground (since it wouldn't get here till after this weekend anyway). The woman I talked to (can't remember her name at this point) said that there was some big order placed and that they were unavailable. I had mentioned that I wondered why Brownell's didn't have them either. Then she says that they were expectig them to come in soon and if they made it in in time on Thursday if I'd accept overnight for the same price. Well, I didn't think it would happen so I said sure, that would be good.

I received notice via email on Thursday that my item had shipped and would get here on Friday morning. Sure enough, it got here.. And no charge for UPS overnight. Wow.. I was quite impressed and happy that they would take care of me like that. I've done business with them in the past, but this was something I didn't expect. The people at Dawson are first class and I appreciate what they did for me. All so I could have the right part to shoot Sunday. :)


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