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Need help on IPSC rig?


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Hi, Need some advice on a IPSC rig. I am new to the sport and want to get a good rig the first go around. Really like the CRspeed belt, But need advice on the holster and mag holders. I am shooting a Springfield Loaded 45 acp single stack, in L10. All advice welcome, Thanks, Forrest :huh:

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I have a Safariland 012 I have used for both my L10 (single stack) and Limited (STI and SV) guns. I recently switched to the Ghost for a silly reason. My draws cause the bottom of my Limited Extended dust cover to scrape on the Safariland holster so I changed to a Ghost.

I really like the Ghost. I have used for both my L10 and Limited guns. Although, I generally use a Safariland 560 paddle for my L10 regardless of USPSA or Action Pistol type of match.

I use Safariland mag pouches for both my L10 and Limited guns. The Universal (Frank Garcia) are pretty cool because of the way the drop the mag lower on the belt. There is a lot less floppy going on and the mag is less likely to fall out (although it is just as easy to tighten up the Safariland pouches)

I have an older and newer Safariland belts but switched to the CR belt. I let the CR belt a lot better than my newer Safariland. It is stiffer. I have seen the newest Safariland belt but still prefer the CR.

You can get the Ghost and CR from Burkett or Hobdell websites, I believe.

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