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I volunteered for deployment to the Florida pan handle in support of Hurricane Ivan Emergency Operations. The US Army Corps of Engineers, the agency I work for, is FEMA's agent for the temporary roofing, power and housing efforts. I was assigned as team leader for a temp roofing detail.

Working 7 days a week for more than 12 hours a day it is a very exhausting mission. However, for the 30 days that I was deployed, there was not a single place where I went to lunch, dinner, laundry or to buy groceries that when locals saw the red shirt with the white castle in the back at least one person would approach me to say "Thank you for being here to help us". That's the ultimate reward a public employee can receive.

Kudos to all governement employees that assisted the communities affected by this season's storms, especially to my friend and fellow BE'er Jack Suber, who's now deployed to Martin County in Florida in support of the temporary housing effort. "¡Gracias Jack!"


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That Operation Blue Roof that USACE ran down here in the Ft. Myers/Port Charlotte area was simply the mutt's nuts. You guys were just great.

I'm still down here (FL) and will be for a while. You guys really made things better for a lot of our customers.

Thank You!!!

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