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I haven't decided if I like this show or not. But it's got me watching.

It's one of those strange mixes of stuff. Not really anything we haven't seen before but rearranged and put together differently. It's a mish-mash of Alien Nation and Gunsmoke and Mad Max and half a dozen other concepts. But it also has some traces of Babylon 5 (my all time favorite) and Battlestar Galactica thrown in.

A lot of interpersonal drama and conflict underlay the show which is what makes it interesting to me. And, there are some mysterious things going on as well. Chief among these is an almost completely missing back story. Pieces are slowly getting filled in but I do spend a lot of time wondering when they are going to get around to discussing some things. My fear is that there is no developed back story - things are just being made up as they go. That would not bode well.

If the show has a significant fault, it's simply that it's trying to hard to be many things to many people. Hence we have low budget action sequences co-mingled with meaningful looks. Steamy romance co-mingled with back stabbing (a common theme of all good soap operas). Power struggles mixed with good vs bad.

The latter could be the most valuable thing in the series if they play their cards right. Pure good vs bad gets boring but when you keep people shifting around in their seats trying to figure out who really is bad and who is good, then you create conflict in the audience. And that keeps people coming back for more.

We'll just have to see where they take this.

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